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Ecosee was formed early in 2010, in response to a growing demand from domestic and commercial customers for high quality enhancements to existing glazing systems in homes and buildings.

This can include retrofitting double glazing into timber and aluminium framework, or single glazing utilising high technology glass which can improve thermal and noise properties.

New Zealanders are passionate about their homes and in recent times have become increasingly focused on the quality of life, economic, environmental and health outcomes when considering renovations. The tangible benefits of enhanced glazing systems are many, including warmer, dryer homes in winter, cooler in summer, a reduction in condensation and noise, and increased UV protection for carpets and furniture. When combined with quality insulation, the financial benefits through lower heating costs, environmental benefits through lower carbon footprint, and health benefits through warmer, dryer environments are significant.

The decision to include enhanced glazing systems in your home or building is easy. The decision who to trust to undertake the work to the highest possible standard utilising quality products is not.

Ecosee utilises the Thermawood® retrofit double glazing system for glazing into timber, and this system is only available to independently-owned companies through Ecosee.  The Thermawood® system has a patent pending, has been developed, tested, and is now accepted as being one that provides a consistently high quality outcome. The major glass companies in New Zealand have endorsed this system, and accreditation by BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) is underway.

Retrofitting into timber joinery with a quality product is essential with respect to:

  • Complementing the architectural integrity of a good proportion of New Zealand’s homes by maintain the existing look and feel of the home
  • Maintaining the integrity of the double glazing unit, by use of patented technology and quality installation
  • Providing a cost-effective method of energy efficiency utilising sustainable materials
  • Enjoying the benefits of the superior thermal properties of wooden joinery over that of aluminium

Ecosee offers a full range of retrofitting products including timber and aluminium, along with high technology glass, all of which can provide a solution that is tailored to your needs in improving the warmth and feel of your home or building.

Our experienced installers will discuss your requirements and provide a solution that will deliver the best outcome for you. All Ecosee licensees are required to undergo comprehensive training, undertake regular quality management reviews, and are measured on performance and service levels for each job undertaken.

One call to 0800 326 733, or CLICK here, and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can help you improve your home or building.

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